Xavierian Honour Code

A Way of Life as being Xavierian living MAGISly

  1. I will respect and care for myself and others. I will show respect and care for all people, including myself, treating everyone I encounter as one of God’s people.
  2. I will help and participate at home, at school, and in the world. I will actively concern myself with the wellbeing of my family, my community, my school, my country, and volunteer whenever possible, assisting in making Nepal a Zone of Peace.
  3. I will be brave in difficult times and modest when I am successful. I will face adversity with courage and dignity, and meet success with humility.
  4. I will care for my own body, heart, spirit and mind. I will cultivate a positive self-image and choose to be healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
  5. I will be kind and cooperative at all times. I will prioritize cooperation and kindness over competition and conflict, and help to build the self-image of others.
  6. I will tell the truth and act with honesty. I will commit myself to the truth in thought, word and deed.
  7. I will accept people who are different and try to learn from them. I will value our unity in diversity, actively opposing gender, race, caste, religious and socio-economic discrimination.
  8. I will always thoughtfully make my own right decisions, even if my friends think differently. I will develop the gift of freedom, making my choices with knowledge of alternatives and consequences, independent of peer pressure.
  9. I will always try my best in studies, sports and activities. I will aim at excellence, not perfection, in my studies through practicing effective study methods and consistently putting forth effort.
  10. I will be polite and courteous. I will develop personal and social habits that promote the common good and avoid all vulgarity and disrespect.
  11. I will be thankful for my education. I will always be grateful for the gift of education, using information and technology with justice and care for others.
  12. I will care for the Earth, and keep my school and country clean. I will consider myself a part of creation, actively caring for the Earth and promoting the health of the environment, taking special responsibility in caring for school grounds.
  13. I will always try to do the right thing and be fair. I will speak out and stand up for justice, evaluating the world around me according to my formed conscience.
  14. I will thank God and ask for God’s help. I will build a belief and trust in my creator through personal prayer.
  15. I will always be a Xavierian. I will uphold the honour of my college by always living according to its code of conduct and shared values and principles.
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