About Us

St. Xavier’s School, Sadakbari, Jhapa, Nepal is run by the Nepal Jesuit Society (Jesuits). It is one of the 4 schools in Jhapa. Live for God and Lead for Nepal is the motto. General Information Type of School Primary Classes […]

Characteristics of Jesuit Education

ACADEMICS: resolutely acquiring knowledge and skill of every kind. WHOLESOMENESS: holistically growing in the totality of one’s body, mind and spirit. INTEGRITY: patiently increasing human virtues of honesty, peace, joy and forgiveness. SPIRITUALITY: gratefully practicing one’s faith and respecting the […]

Nepal Jesuit Society

Members of the Nepal Jesuit Society manage St. Xavier’s School, Sadakbari. Nepal Jesuit Society is a branch of the Society of Jesus, a Catholic Religious Order, dedicated to education and social development in many parts of the world. In Nepal, […]

Universal Apostolic Preferences

  1. Promoting Discernment And The Spiritual Exercises
    • To show the way to God through the Spiritual Exercises and discernment
  2. Walking With The Excluded
    • To walk with the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice
  3. Caring For Our Common Home
    • To collaborate in the care of our common home
  4. Journeying With Youth
    • To accompany the young in the creation of a hope-filled future


Message from the Principal

It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce St. Xavier’s School, Sadakbari to all of you. Sadakbari is one the remote areas of Jhapa district, near Jhapa Bazar. It is situated between two rivers Mai Kholas; Thulo and Sano. Thulo Maikhola is popularly known as Kankai River. This area is populated by basically indigenous people like Santhal, Rajbanshi, Majhi, Mushher, Madheshi and others. St. Xavier’s School aims to spread the education among these people so that they may come up in life through education and help our mission of education to reach to all the people around.

SXS, like any other St. Xavier’s is run by the Nepal Jesuit Society. We, SXS community, dedicate ourselves to the education and human formation of students and parents. We aim at the intellectual excellence, spiritual, moral, physical, psychological, personal formation, social growth and lifelong learning and growth of the students for the service of the community, society and country. This community strives to use God’s gifts to promote social justice, equality, peace and integrity for the greater glory of God. We strive to inculcate an attitude in the students that one day they become wo/men for others so that in reality they become a genuine human being and practice “Live for God, Lead for Nepal.”

This is our new venture and an attempt to become creatively creative in teaching and learning through website, therefore your valuable advice and suggestions will be highly appreciated. You can also click at Facebook page “St. Xavier’s Sadakbari School” with its logo as profile photo and leave your comments.
May God Bless us all!

Fr. Vijay Pratap Toppo, S.J.